On The Reading List: The Intuitive Within


Here’s a book that will help you work through where you are currently in life and how to reach your full potential. Robert Rubin, author of The Intuitive Within, says that he believes in the intuitive potential of everyone. Having been mentored at the young age of 7, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rob says that it was there that he learned about the intuitive fundamentals that continue to be a part of who he really is.

The Intuitive Within is much more a workbook than it is a novel that tells you about someone else’s experience. Rob breaks down concepts into smaller chunks, encouraging you to take areas of your life piece by piece. Basically, The Intuitive Within helps you work through beliefs that you acquired growing up, understanding who you are right now, who you want to be, and finding a bridge of compromise so you can achieve what Carl Rogers calls self-actualization.

Unlike most self-help books that ask you to chart personal goals, The Intuitive Within takes your dream into the realm of true meaning and purpose through three awesome concepts on alignment, misalignment, and personal blocks. Rob challenges everyone to get real with themselves in order to move forward, so it certainly isn’t for the weak-willed. This book will push you out of your comfort zones and make you confront yourself fully; because only you can determine how the story will end.


“Part of my goal in writing this book”, Rob says, “was to remind the readers that it is not only very much possible [to achieve your dream] but also [that it is] literally just waiting for you to start on it.” Known for his gift of tarot reading, you can tell that Rob’s main mission is to help people review their own lives as he provides guidance along the way. “If at the end of [a] session [of tarot]”, he says, “you feel empowered [and] you’ve gained a sense of clarity… then [I know] I’ve done my work perfectly”.

To book a session with Rob, you can visit www.facebook.com/RobRubinReadings or the official intuitive within website www.IntuitiveWIthin.com or simply 0916-551-1824.

To grab a copy of The Intuitive Within, Digital and Print orders are available via Mysterium Philippines through order. Or via the website at www.IntuitiveWithin.com