A Step-by-Step Guide to Exploring Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever seen a dog on a short leash? They can hardly take two steps, sit, or lay down. They're so uncomfortable that they start to get incredibly cranky. While the leash might have served its purpose for them as pups, grown dogs on short leashes could affect them physically, mentally, and emotionally - from sheer frustration that they cannot seem to do anything. When we outgrow our belief systems but still hold them so close to our hearts, they too, can be paralyzing - keeping us on a short leash and denying us the possibility of experiencing life to the fullest. 

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3 Ways to Align Yourself with Your Goals

Need help figuring out your long-term goals? Don't know where to start and feel like you need to review your purpose and direction? how exactly can we achieve flow when it comes to our long-term goals? What are some ways that we can reconnect with our overall purpose? Here are 3 exercises that I like to dive deep into each time I know I need to re-align with our goals

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FREE MEDITATION: Honoring Your Personal Blocks

The following exercise draws on techniques learned in coaching, counseling, and energy healing. While it is not meant to make your blocks magically disappear, it is meant to help you identify and acknowledge them before moving forward. 

Find a spot where you will be undisturbed for the next 9 minutes as you dive in to Honoring Your Personal Blocks

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