I Integrated Mobility into My Daily Meditation, Here's What Happened:

Just when I thought that I had the formula to increased self-awareness, a few exercises on mobility seemed to have shifted my ideas on automaticity and programming.  It wasn't just about paying attention to the different muscle groups, but acknowledging my defects, that made me want to improve. Mobility, as it turns out, is meant to help you function better on a regular basis. Unlike passive stretching (widely used for flexibility), mobility looks at long-term changes in the viscoelastic properties of muscle (Stephens, et al. 2006) , and when practiced regularly, could increase muscle length. 

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FREE MEDITATION: Honoring Your Personal Blocks

The following exercise draws on techniques learned in coaching, counseling, and energy healing. While it is not meant to make your blocks magically disappear, it is meant to help you identify and acknowledge them before moving forward. 

Find a spot where you will be undisturbed for the next 9 minutes as you dive in to Honoring Your Personal Blocks

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FREE MEDITATION: Dealing with our emotions

This short meditation is meant to help you take a look at whatever emotions you might have and assess it for what it is. Give yourself a few minutes to sit with your emotions, take a step back, and look at it from another perspective. 


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