100% Pure Oxygen with HBOT

The HBOT gave me the mental clarity that I needed to move forward in my studies and in my work. For 45-minutes I would feel so well rested and then I would get a boost of energy that would see me through the next few weeks. It was like my brain was functioning at maximum and I could absorb information with so much ease and grace. 

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We've Launched the Detox Party!

It's official! We've finally launched our newest baby, the detox party - a collaboration between Healing Minds PH and Swizzle Mobile Bar. Last Wednesday, March 29th, we gathered a small group to experience the treatment and of course get a taste of the healthy spread and delicious juices by Swizzle. 

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Research on Acudetox

Acudetox is a term used to describe an acupuncture protocol originally developed to treat addiction. Based on acupuncture analgesia research in Hong Kong (Wen & Cheng, 1973), the protocol was further developed in the South Bronx, NY by physicians. Today the protocol, now known as NADA, is being used worldwide to enhance community health, and the research has been incredible. 

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Confronting Change

Sometimes we choose change and sometimes it chooses us. Whether we’re ready for it or not, the inevitable happens and we often feel overwhelmed and unprepared to meet it. Transitioning jobs, moving house, the death of a family member or close friend, break-ups, a change in lifestyle and sickness are just among the many types of change that we experience in our lifetime. Confronting change is never easy and it asks us to dedicate our entire selves to its demands. Here are a few tips that may help you and / or your loved ones transition with more ease.


1.    Go slowly. Change doesn’t happen overnight, heart ache doesn’t disappear in a day, and you can’t master a job in your first 45 hours. To transition with ease means giving yourself realistic expectations, reducing or adding depending on what you wish to achieve.

2.    Accentuate the positive and focus on your WHY. When you’re in the process of change, it is inevitable that at some point you will feel burned out. Focus on the little wins that help you get through the day. Accentuate the positive in your life and always remind yourself why you started in the first place.

3.    Be mindful and hit “pause”. Listen to your own emotional thermometer and be aware of how your respond to your environment. Are things getting too overwhelming? Learn how to hit the “pause” button before proceeding. Be aware of your own burn out and step back when you can.