I Integrated Mobility into My Daily Meditation, Here's What Happened:

Just when I thought that I had the formula to increased self-awareness, a few exercises on mobility seemed to have shifted my ideas on automaticity and programming.  It wasn't just about paying attention to the different muscle groups, but acknowledging my defects, that made me want to improve. Mobility, as it turns out, is meant to help you function better on a regular basis. Unlike passive stretching (widely used for flexibility), mobility looks at long-term changes in the viscoelastic properties of muscle (Stephens, et al. 2006) , and when practiced regularly, could increase muscle length. 

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Celebrating Moments of Existence: Exercises in self-compassion

With health issues like depression and anxiety on the rise, we encounter people who question their existence and sometimes wish they weren’t alive. At what point did the people around them stop celebrating? And why? At what point did cultural norms ask them to set aside their child-like essence?

Here are a few self-compassion activities that may help you nourish your soul today:

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