Shining Their Light: Tina Lebron and the most talked about "healing house"

I first met Tina Lebron in 2009. I had come for healing to treat cysts in my ovaries (which cleared if you were wondering). She and a few other lightworkers were gathered in the house of the late Carmen delos Reyes, offering pranic and crystal healing. My mother, a firm believer in all things natural, insisted that I try alternative ways to heal instead of using "all these chemicals". Eight years later, I've continued to return to what everyone now calls The Healing House -  a space where many of us have gathered, exchanged stories, and experienced a kind of growth that only a healing house like this could ever truly bring to a community. Curious to learn more about the history of the house and what inspired Tita Tina to create such a meaningful space, I decided to write to her, and let this lightworker tell me more about how it all began.

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FREE MEDITATION: Honoring Your Personal Blocks

The following exercise draws on techniques learned in coaching, counseling, and energy healing. While it is not meant to make your blocks magically disappear, it is meant to help you identify and acknowledge them before moving forward. 

Find a spot where you will be undisturbed for the next 9 minutes as you dive in to Honoring Your Personal Blocks

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