Shining Their Light: Jenn Rivera and Her Path to Kundalini Yoga

Jenn Rivera was a corporate executive with 10 years experience in publication, mainstream advertising and event coordination, when she one day decided to just call it all quits and go on a healing journey that would change her life. 

She described her life as being "consistently busy", but at some point, she says, "the busy-ness and stress [became part of a] standard lifestyle". A lifestyle she described as having gotten trickier to manage each time.  "I was committed [to work]", she said, but described herself as "a competitive and borderline workaholic". Jenn, like most of us who have been through corporate jobs, had dreams of moving up the ranks. Her highest intention as an employee was to grow the agency's DNA in order to "maintain  the quality and efficiency of work, create standards and motivate others." But in 2015, after 10 long years of having gone the traditional route of corporate work, she began to feel a disconnect.  She found herself in an unhealthy environment that started to take a toll on her body. Most of all, she no longer felt aligned with her personal values and standards, and that's where her journey into healing began. I asked Jenn to walk me through her journey and here is where our conversation took us:

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