3 Ways to Work on Your Own Light





  1. the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

With literally everything going on around us, we may easily forget to come back to ourselves, ground, and get real. This month alone, Manila has been crazy! I don’t know what it’s like on your side of the world, but when Christmas in the Philippines comes around, everything just gets a little EXTRA. Extra traffic, extra parties, extra alcohol, extra fun, extra long nights out, extra work, extra deliveries, and so forth. And with the Christmas rush, it really can get a little overwhelming. So what perfect time to come back to ourselves than in the midst of chaos?

In a book by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, he expounds on the teachings of kabbalah and how it is so important for us to work on our own auras if we would like to see our relationships improved. He says, “everyone has a unique aura, which vibrates at a particular frequency.” It is this frequency that determines what we attract into our lives. The aura, according to Levry, “is a psychic field of energy that surrounds the body” - sort of like a protective light. And in however bright or dim this light shines, it can affect us.

Think of it this way, when you’re feeling good, you know you’re going in the right direction, your heart and your mind are aligned, this is what positive psychology would call “flow”. Mihalyi Cziksentmihalyi calls this “psychic negentropy” - a mental state of positive emotions, or what we also know as an upward spiral. But we know, that somewhere along the way, we also tend to get lost. We are driven to make sense of our journeys, but when we argue with someone we love, work starts piling up, or when we have hit a wall and start questioning our identity, we too can lose sight of where we are going.

I’m sure at some point you have asked yourself, how can I be better? At what I do, who I am, and how I relate with other people? Because all we really want to feel is how to be in flow - that when something happens to us we can take control of what is happening internally and externally. Choice theory / Reality Therapy would say that in order to achieve flow we need to look to the very vehicle that accepts energy, processes it, and translates it into something better - OURSELVES. It all starts within - by connecting with our light - and working on the courage to look at what needs to be seen.

Here are three simple ways that we can start working on our own light:

1) Recognize your fears. The light cannot shine without the darkness. And in working on our light, we need to be brave enough to acknowledge all the fears. So you might be worried about a particular relationship and you find yourself sabotaging by envisioning every possible scenario that could tear you down. Face it. Envision it. Feel that fear in your body - and trace it. Know that all your fears are presenting themselves because these are scenarios that you absolutely do not want to happen. Find out what those thoughts are that you keep telling yourself. How do you deny these fears? And how is this working out for you?

2) Define what it is you do want. Now that you’ve looked at every possible fear - flip the picture. Ask yourself what it is you do want. Where would you like to go? Who would you like to be with? What do you want to hear? And how do you want to feel in this situation? Getting clear on what we want is the first real step to eliminating the fear that we have conjured upon ourselves. Getting clear helps us recognize our personal states and helps us envision the upward spiral that we would like to get on. The clear path that puts us right back on the journey.

3) Affirm, affirm, affirm. Now that you know what it is you want, bask in that moment. Bask in the idea, the dream, and relish every positive emotion that is coming up. Most of all, learn how to affirm. It is possible that when you’ve reached this level of psychic negentropy, you are feeling much better about yourself and your situation. So, affirm it. Tell yourself that everything will be okay and that you can look forward to how life will unfold. Envision white light surrounding you and your situation. Send it love, send yourself love, and affirm that all is well.