Shining Their Light: Tina Lebron and the most talked about "healing house"


I first met Tina Lebron in 2009. I had come for healing to treat cysts in my ovaries (which cleared if you were wondering). She and a few other lightworkers were gathered in the house of the late Carmen delos Reyes, offering pranic and crystal healing. My mother, a firm believer in all things natural, insisted that I try alternative ways to heal instead of using "all these chemicals". Eight years later, I've continued to return to what everyone now calls The Healing House -  a space where many of us have gathered, exchanged stories, and experienced a kind of growth that only a healing house like this could ever truly bring to a community. Curious to learn more about the history of the house and what inspired Tita Tina to create such a meaningful space, I decided to write to her, and let this lightworker tell me more about how it all began.

"It all started in 1989", she said. "I had just learned how to do Pranic Healing from Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of the Institute for Inner Studies and the author of all the books on Pranic Healing. My mom had died of breast cancer 2 years before.  At the time she got diagnosed, there were hardly any other alternative treatment options available.  After she passed away, I became interested in finding alternative ways to deal with serious ailments, especially since the doctors had warned my sisters and me that we had to be vigilant about our health." 

Did your mom's sickness have anything to do with you becoming a healer?

I was traumatized by what my mother had to go through when she was very ill.  I just wanted to find a better, more natural, gentler and kinder way to treat people with serious ailments.  I was encouraged to pursue energy healing because I discovered that anyone could learn to heal. It is a skill you can learn, like driving.  I think this skill is valuable for one’s own empowerment.  When you know how to heal yourself and others, you don’t get so anxious when someone is sick.  You know you can do something to help that person get well faster.  And if the ailment is just starting, you can prevent it from becoming worse.

What was your background? What kind of work were you doing?

I was a Psychology graduate of the Ateneo and worked in the HR Dept. of a bank for 10 years, first in Recruitment then in Training and Development.  I stopped working when my mom was diagnosed so that I could go with her to her doctor’s appointments as well as her chemo and radiation treatments.  Most of my siblings were still in school at that time.  My father had passed away 10 years before.

 My mom said that my grandmother used to go see both you and Tita Carmen at a church. Could you tell me a little bit about this? Is it true that you started work at a church?What kind of healing were you doing? 

Pranic Healing was one of the few alternative methods available in the country at that time.  I attended several workshops with Master Choa together with an aunt of mine.  During the first workshop we attended, I had a personal experience of the efficacy of this healing method. We both got so excited that we wanted to practice what we had learned.  Since my aunt was actively serving at our parish church in San Juan and there was a free clinic there run by nuns, she asked the parish priest and the nun-in-charge if we could practice our Pranic healing on the patients of the free clinic.  We healed at the parish center once a week, on Thursday afternoons.  Slowly the number of patients increased so we convinced another aunt and one of my cousins to study Pranic healing as well and we would all heal one afternoon a week. 

Eventually we recruited other pranic healers to heal with us.  At the peak, we were a group of 9 or 10 healers volunteering our services for free once a week in the parish center.  This went on for about 10 years until the parish priest retired and we couldn’t use the parish center any more. We stopped healing there in the late 90s.  From the mid-90s, my friend Carmen and I would also heal once a week at the parish center in Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes.  This went on for 2 or 3 years.

What made you decide that you would like to open your houses to the public? What’s the story there?

After we had stopped healing in the 2 parishes, we would keep getting calls from our former patients, asking us where they could go for healing.  Carmen and I eventually decided that we would open our houses for healing sessions once a week.  It was my house on Tuesdays and her house on Thursdays, from 2 to 6 pm.  At first we only invited people we knew.  Eventually we also accepted new patients, as long as they were brought by former patients, friends or relatives.  We were only doing Pranic Healing and crystal healing at that time and we focused on healing physical ailments, from cold, coughs, aches and pains to more serious illnesses, including cancer.

You mentioned learning pranic from Master Choa, what other modalities did you learn back then? Did you always know you had these gifts? 

There were almost no alternative healing methods being taught in Manila in the 90s.  I attended whatever workshops I could find.  Pranic Healing was the first healing modality developed and taught by a Filipino. There were crystal workshops being taught by crystal healers like Riza Regis and Marvy del Rosario.  I also attended Silva Mind Control classes which were taught by Judy Qua and Jaime Licauco.  I felt I needed to understand the science behind these healing modalities.  Carmen, on the other hand, was born with special healing gifts.  Although I shared with her what I had learned, she was naturally gifted and would use her hands intuitively to help bring relief from pain.

You and Tita Carmen seemed to have started something quite unique in the community. But I understand that you were healing with your aunts and cousins.

That’s how I met Carmen. A common friend of ours had organized a little class for me, and I had taught the group what I had learned from different healing teachers. Carmen and I hit it off and we began to heal together.  We used our community healing Tuesdays and Thursdays to practice these new healing skills on our patients.  We didn’t charge for our services.  The patients would give donations voluntarily and I would use the money to feed the healers after a whole afternoon of healing.  My idea was to provide a space where people could come to get healed, where healers could learn and practice their healing skills till they became proficient and where the community of healers could find information and support.

What was the state of the Philippines back then? Why did people need to turn to healers for help?

My mom was sick with breast cancer during and after the Edsa Revolution.  She died after Cory had become President.  Things were rather chaotic at that time.  There was a lot of uncertainty and instability in the air.  I don’t know if this contributed to the number of patients we had but from the beginning, we seemed to attract people who wanted to try something different or who were tired of conventional medical treatments.  We had some patients who couldn’t afford the cost of medicines and treatment.  We also had a lot of patients who could afford to go to doctors but were drawn to energy healing.

Were there always healing circles that had existed? Who were some of the pioneers in this industry?

If there were, I was not aware of any of them.  I knew there were small clinics or centers that were offering alternative therapies like acupuncture, herbal treatments, naturopathy, etc.  Master Choa would actually heal in one of the centers in Quezon City.  These were small community centers, something like a barangay would put up.  They were not really commercial or moneymaking. At that time, there were no wellness centers or spas.  Even the massage places looked disreputable. 

What kinds of challenges did you face when you were trying to introduce these forms of healing to the people around you? What would you tell people who likened all of this to quack doctors?

Since we were healing in a parish church, we had to deal with parishioners who were wary about the whole concept of energy healing.  There were a lot of skeptics who came to observe and question.  We also had to answer a lot of questions like:  Is this allowed by the Catholic church?  Isn’t this the work of the devil?  Fortunately, the parish priest supported us and opened his doors to energy healing as well as other forms of healing.  There were charismatic prayer groups who were doing prayer healing as well.  I would always explain to our patients what the principles were behind energy healing.  Most of them were not bothered by the strangeness or weirdness of the method.  What they looked for were results.  If they felt stronger or their pain decreased or disappeared, they would be back the next week.  We soon had a group of faithful regulars.  We never had to advertise or look for patients.  Word of mouth brought them in.

I also noticed that a lot of our patients were “sensitive”, meaning they could feel the energy we were either removing or clearing from them or putting into them. This convinced them that there really was some actual energy exchange going on, that we weren’t trying to fool or con them.

What kinds of modalities can be found in the healing house?

We have more than 20 healing modalities in our line-up now. We had only been practicing Pranic Healing in our healing sessions for 20 years.  In the past 6-8 years, our repertoire of healing modalities increased by leaps and bounds.  In the past decade, there has been a surge of interest in the wellness and alternative healing fields and this has brought opportunities for learning and development.  When I first started healing, most of the patients came for relief or cure of their physical ailments.  Now, however, the bulk of our patients come for psycho-emotional healing as well. For those with physical issues, I would recommend Dolphin Treatments (Needle-less Acupuncture), Hilot, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing and Biogenesis (energy healing modalities).

What kinds of modalities are best for healing the wounds of the psyche?

We have a lot of them:  BARS, Bodytalk, Crystal Prescriptions, Millennium Method, Mindfulness sessions, Spiritual Dowsing then Soul Realignment, Theta, Triple Spiral Healing.

Which modalities would you recommend to someone who was experiencing depression or anxiety?

Millennium Method or Theta together with Homeopathy, Psych-K for trauma release, Reiki for deep relaxation, Ancestral Clearing if the depression or anxiety is in the genes.  We also have counselors who are trained by CEFAM.

Do you see people with special needs? And how do they benefit from this? Which modalities are best for them? And how can you explain the relationship of the modality to their “condition”?

If they have spectrum disorders like ADHD or Autism, they usually come for Homeopathy and Neurofeedback.  Homeopathic remedies help to calm or stabilize them and Neurofeedback works on their brain centers.  If the children are “special” because they are sensitives or clairvoyants, we have healers who counsel them and explain how they can understand and appreciate their gifts.

If someone wants to explore the healing house, how can they get in touch?

The contact numbers are:  Landline 4778823.  Cell: 0917 8018080

What are the schedules of each house?

Private sessions are held daily except Sundays at the Healing House in Mandaluyong by appointment. There are no private sessions in Makati as of now.  Community Healing days are on Tuesdays in Mandaluyong and Thursdays in Bel-Air, Makati from 2-6 pm.  Most of the healers are present during community healing days so it is a good time for new clients to check out the different healing modalities. One has to make an appointment even during community healing days to ensure that there are enough healers available.  I can’t post the addresses because both centers are in private residential subdivisions.  I PM the address once an appointment is confirmed. 

How much are sessions?

On Community Healing Days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), the healers volunteer their time so all donations go to the Healing House.  An energy exchange fee of P500 is charged per modality.  For private sessions, the charge is between P1,500 – P3,000 depending on the modality and length of the session.




Author Rebecca Campbell, in her book Light is The New Black, defines lightworkers as "anyone who devotes their life to being a light in the world".  According to Campbell, they are people who "wholeheartedly make [sic] the decision to make the world a brighter place by being in it." The way I see it, lightworkers lend their light on certain issues to help the world heal. In the last 3 years, I have dedicated my time to learning more and more about the various modalities around us that can heal the psyche. Healing Minds PH is here to introduce more practitioners and the healing work that they do through this series that will allow them to start Shining Their Light.