ON THE PLAYLIST: Mantras For Your Soul


We’ve published reading lists, now it’s time to feed our souls with music that can assist us in our healing. A mantra, in sanskrit, literally means “a thought, thought behind speech or action”. Man - meaning thought, translates in the English language as “mind”. While there are many mantras that often use a language that may not be familiar to us, I have recently come across a few albums that help make grounding and setting my intentions for the day so much more easy. Here they are:

Wheels of Light.jpg
  1. WHEELS OF LIGHT by Beautiful Chorus

    The album is composed of 8 tracks, one for each of the chakras, and a last one for your being as a whole. I recommend listening to this one in order (do not shuffle), as it first grounds you at the root and takes you up to the crown where purpose and direction can fill your space. The chants are simple, catchy, and soon, you may find yourself turning to them in moments of need.


2. RESONANCE MEDITATION by Beautiful Chorus

While this one may not exactly be chanting, I love the whole concept of it for the mere fact that the album uses tone and frequency that resonate with each chakra. Sound has been proven to be an effective form of therapy, that can heal us on the cellular level.

Feeling uneasy? Put on your earphones and play this in the background. It’s a great way to align you while you work or travel.