3 Spoken Word Poems That Explore Mental Health and Why You Should Listen

The spoken word - a performance of poetry that focuses on word play and intonation. A very powerful way of expressing our thoughts and emotions. Ever wondered what it was like to care for someone with mental health? Or what they could be going through? Here are 3 of our favorite spoken word performances on mental health that will give you a glimpse of what goes on on the inside:


#1: Explaining My Depression to My Mother

Ever felt like it’s been harder for other people to accept what you were going through? In this video Sabrina tries to put into words how grueling depression is to her mom - who isn’t well-informed on the topic. It depicts a very real scenario of the struggle of opening up to someone who doesn’t have the same mental health frame of mind.


#2: I Won’t Write Your Obituary

If you’ve ever desperately needed a reminder to stay, then this is for you. This comes from a point of view of someone in your sphere of influence, someone who cares, and someone who will at any cost try to console you and try to help you get through this difficult situation.


#3: A Good Day

The truth is, and we know this, people like us live for the good days. Kait Rokowski’s spoken word poem “A Good Day” is a great example of what those days look like.

While our lives may not exactly look the same as anyone else’s without a disorder, this does point out that ours can’t be as great as theirs. If you’ve ever been bothered by the idea of not having what people think is “normalcy”, to tell you the truth, who gets to decide what normal is? We make our own normal. Next to normal is where we thrive and that is okay. Your life is your life. Don’t ever make yourself a secondary character in your book.

Nan is a contributing writer to Healing Minds PH. She is a young professional who is passionate about raising mental health awareness through the stories she encounters. Nan will be tackling experiences of young individuals who may be experiencing mental illness (as well as her own) as she aims to help more and more people understand what it's like to step into their shoes.