On the Reading List: Books will that force you out of your comfort zone

Comfort Zone.jpg

If there's one thing I love the most, it is gaining new insight from the books that I read. It's been awhile since I've really been able to enjoy a good book, given all the work and events that I have gotten myself into, but very recently I came across two books that have urged me to step outside of my comfort zone to enhance my own personal growth. I admit I'm still half way through them, but let me tell you why you should already grab yourselves a copy:

Mirror Work Cover.jpg

Mirror Work by Louise Hay

Mirror work is an activity book accompanied by meditation tapes that you can download. If you're looking into doing deeper soul work, then Mirror Work  is highly recommended. Why? Because this is where you're meant to discover how you can become your own therapist, how you can be just as compassionate to yourself as you may be with others. 

This book took me out of my comfort zone on day 1. It requires that you come face to face with yourself, so processing the events can be quite strange at first, until you begin to gain insight in a way that simply journaling your thoughts may not deliver. 

Mirror Work is not for the weak willed. If you aren't willing to do the work, then forget about it. But if you're up for a challenge, and you want to see beyond what you think is already there, then pick up a copy of this book right now and start confronting yourself. I promise, you will find a deeper connection with yourself just looking into your own eyes than you may have in a silent medi

Music and Mantras Cover.jpg

Music and Mantras: The Yoga of Mindful Singing for Health, Happiness, Peace, & Prosperity by Girish

This book has turned me into a mantra singing disciple in a span of just a few days. When I picked this up at the book sale, I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it might be cool to read on a new phenomenon. Little did I know that I would enjoy all the activities and accompanying downloads from the respective website. 

Having grown up singing in the theater, I admit I thought that this was going to be a piece of cake, but Music and Mantras invites you to really get back in touch with your voice, to listen to a different kind of vibration, and to understand the history of each activity. I have also thoroughly enjoyed humming my own mantras in addition to the five minute om that I now practice daily. It felt weird to be singing random things at the beginning, but when I found the harmony of the music and my voice coming together, this awakened a part of me that enjoyed the process of creating. 

This book is meant to help you find your voice - literally and figuratively. It will force you to make a sound, speak up, and try things even if it might sound a little silly. That's the whole point - to get silly, creative, daring, and still find your center.  Do you know just how powerful your voice can be? If you want something absolutely crazy and different, then you need to get started on this. Trust me, it will be worth your while to go through the musical journey. And who knows? You might actually enjoy merging music with your mirror work.... Aha! There's an idea!