5 Reasons to Come to Detox Day


Detox Day is now one of my absolute fave events to set up in order to bring more healing to the people around me. What I love the most about Detox Day is how well relaxed everybody feels and the generous feedback that I receive the day after. Wherein I have needled as many as 30 people in a day, every Detox Day proves to produce the same things that make me truly enjoy the process. If you haven't already participated in one, here are 5 reasons why you should come to the next one:

1. The buffet of detox juices and healthy food is legit. 

I partnered with Karla Reyes, owner of Swizzle Mobile Bar, to complement all detox treatments with a fun menu that we could share with everyone. After experiencing the treatment herself, Karla has put together 3 kinds of detox juices for the heart, liver, and kidney. The acudetox treatment itself focuses on all three areas of the body, helping increase blood flow, as well as decreasing psycho-emotional fears and resentment. 

2. We heal with a community

Detox Day is meant to be experienced with the people around you. After treatment, it's always good to mingle with the other guests, listen to each other's stories, and make new friends. I notice that so much more healing takes place when we are able to share our experiences with the people around us - whether they know us or not. There is an unspoken understanding that just naturally allows you to gravitate towards people who are likely going through the same thing. 

3. We keep the frequency at 528 Hz. 

Studies have shown that sound frequency can help enhance healing. What guests do not know when they walk into a Detox Day is that the frequency of the room vibrates at 528 Hz - the miracle frequency that is good for total healing. I make sure to choose the playlists that can enhance the subconscious mind and vibrate throughout the body. And honestly, it just sounds super relaxing. You'll just have to come to the next one to find out what that's like. 

4. Fun colors on your ears.

It goes without saying that all guests enjoy taking photos of the needles in their ears - this is why I like to switch things up and make things a little bit more colorful for all of you. I am currently still trying to get all colors of the rainbow so that every single treatment is as colorful and unique for you. Trust me, it makes it a lot more fun to see different colors than to keep it monotone. 

5. You feel so well rested RIGHT AFTER

The feeling is immediate. This is because acudetox treatment helps enhance the parasympathetic system - your rest and relaxation. I encourage all guests to close their eyes and just feel it. After 30 minutes, they look so much more well rested than when they began treatment. 

Ready to try acudetox? Stay tuned for the announcement of our next detox day, coming soon!