Are We Really Listening?


In a world where everything seems to be so fast-paced, and online conversations tend to take up our time, it truly does beg the question - are we really truly listening to one another? Author Nick Morgan calls it "the epidemic of fake listening" - our tendency to nod, lean in, smile,etc. in order to appear like we are engaged, when in fact, we aren't. 

"Listening", Henri Nouwen wrote, "is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends." It holds a soul contract that only true expression can be welcomed by someone whose intentions to listen are just as sincere. If we just let ourselves dig a little deeper we might be surprised about how much we too can learn in the process.

James Van Praagh says that "when someone appears in your life you must see what is not resolved or whole in the person and understand the lessons he or she brings home to you." So what are you missing? What is it that you're meant to hear and learn? Are you willing to let your soul explore that? Next time you find yourself in conversation with someone, don't just reflect what they're saying - find out what it is you're meant to discover in the process.   

All for the highest and best with ease and grace. ;)