100% Pure Oxygen with HBOT

When I was finishing up my Masters, I was lucky to find myself working in a preventive medicine center that of course promoted good health and taught me a great deal about how to stay well. LifeScience opened my eyes to the various levels of prevention in addressing disease, and inspired me to become the healthiest version of myself. It was through my experience at LifeScience that I learned more about the value of things like hydration, oxygen, minerals, vitamins, and good nutrition to prevent mental illness. In theory it is really quite simple - take care of the brain and you'll be alright. 

In 2014, I was scheduled to take my comprehensive exams for my course and I told my boss that I would need some time off closer to the exams to study. He gave his full support but he also encouraged me to take preventive measures to enhance my studying. This is how I fell in love with the practice and use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). 

What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a 45-minute treatment that puts you inside a chamber (photo above) with 100% pure oxygen making its way into your blood stream through your lungs and literally through the pores of your skin. It's been used for post-surgery to reduce swelling and to enhance the recovery period. This is because with 100% oxygen, not only are you recharging every single blood cell with more oxygen to move around the body, you are also assisting growth hormones. 

What is the effect of the HBOT?

The HBOT gave me the mental clarity that I needed to move forward in my studies and in my work. For 45-minutes I would feel so well rested and then I would get a boost of energy that would see me through the next few weeks. It was like my brain was functioning at maximum and I could absorb information with so much ease and grace. 

Initially, after the treatment, I would feel a light buzz in my head as if I was high on oxygen or maybe even tipsy (only better). And I would get a little sleepy, but true enough when I did get home, I would always sleep so well. Immediately after treatment also you may want to run to the toilet. This is because the oxygen therapy also works like a detox. It's replenishing your body with all the new good stuff as it speeds up recovery and the release of toxins. 


To book an HBOT session, contact LifeScience through their website LifeScience.ph or call (02) 828-5433 (LIFE) to learn more about it.