10 Reasons to Detox


1.       You’re always tired. Long nights and early weekday mornings leave you feeling lethargic by the time the weekend rolls in. You're always in bed and you've lost interest in other fun activities. 

2.       After work drinks have caught up with you. Work stress is often met with a glass or two of alcohol before calling it a day and you're beginning to feel it manifest. Acudetox is perfect for this if you want to detox the liver and give it the break that it needs. 

3.       Exercise just doesn’t help the stress anymore. Have you been going to the gym hoping to sweat off the stress but still find yourself tossing and turning? Then your exercise routine probably isn't cutting it, and you're going to need something else to help you get proper sleep and the appropriate energy boost you need to get through the following day.

4.       You’ve been feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Whether it's about work, a relationship, family, or something within your community, feelings of anxiety can arise when we're concerned about so many things. Our fears, whether we would like to acknowledge them or not, can be debilitating. Acudetox goes straight for the kidney (the fear point) as well as the sympathetic (fight or flight) to detox any lingering excess of fear and heightened emotions in the body. 

5.       You have muscle pain that won’t seem to go away. Is that neck and shoulder pain constantly bothering you? How often has it been recurring? Sometimes despite a good massage, muscle pain tends to recur because it needs to let us know that we also need to take a break. Acudetox is perfect for neck, shoulder, and upper back tension because it really opens up your blood flow, allowing blocks to untangle and bring the body to much more ease. 

6.       You’re confused. Too many emotions going through you but don't know where to start? The beauty of acudetox lies in the way it links mind, body, and spirit. Emotions that are stored in the body manage to untangle themselves, presenting themselves clearly in our consciousness or even in our dreams. How? Well, you'll just have to experience it yourself won't you?

7.       You can’t sleep or get enough sleep. Sometimes we are unable to sleep when our sympathetic system is on overdrive and our cortisol is high. Acudetox addresses this directly through the sympathetic point, that alleviates your fight or flight mode and increases your rest and relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system), leaving you feeling like you've already gotten a full night's rest as well as helping you sleep like a baby. 

8.       You’re having relationship issues. Heart problems can definitely be addressed by Acudetox. Whatever it is that we fear (kidney) and might be so angry (liver) about, can be untangled through acudetox. Sometimes we just need to let our body and subsconscious mind present to us a new way of being. Acudetox also unravels the heart chakra through the shen men point a.k.a. the "spirit gate", that connects the heart chakra (love and relationships) with our crown chakra (direction). 

9.       You can’t seem to focus. This symptom is much like feeling overwhelmed but it reflects in our work output. When we can't seem to focus because we have a lot on our minds, can't sleep, and are tired all the time, our productivity suffers. If you can't seem to focus then you need to improve on your sleep to activate your growth hormones and give your body the chance to regenerate itself even for just a few hours. 

10.   You're gaining weight. While acudetox may not be a direct solution for weight loss, it is a direct solution for the areas in your body that are making you gain weight. When you lack sleep, drink, and exercise at the wrong time in the day, your cortisol goes up. Your body goes into survival mode and begins to store all excess fat. However, when you get enough sleep, you also generate enough growth hormones and you can these assist in the weight loss process. 


So there you have it! 10 easy reasons for anybody to go through acudetox. If you want to book a detox party for you and your team, feel free to send mail to healingmindsph@gmail.com