We've Launched the Detox Party!

It's official! We've finally launched our newest baby, the detox party - a collaboration between Healing Minds PH and Swizzle Mobile Bar. Last Wednesday, March 29th, we gathered a small group to experience the treatment and of course get a taste of the healthy spread and delicious juices by Swizzle. 

What is a detox party?

A detox party is a unique wellness experience that allows friends / colleagues to reach a higher level of wellness for the mind, body, and spirit right in the comforts of their homes / offices, through a unique acudetox treatment. Guests are also served healthy snacks and detox juices (3 kinds!) to rejuvenate the body.

Why have one?

Simply put, we heal faster when we are around our support system. This also gives you another way to bond and initiate those healing conversations. And it's a really great way to address the effects of our lifestyle choices, such as drinking, smoking, drugs, lack of sleep, poor diet, and almost no exercise. 

The detox itself helps address some popular lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. 


Packages are available for a minimum group of 10. We can also customize your package to suit your group's needs. 

To book a party, send mail to healingmindsph@gmail.com