Sometimes You Aren't Meant to Go Against The Current. Here's Why:

"I don't know," she said, "all I know is I've been working so damn hard, swimming upstream..." 

Well, girl, sometimes we just aren't meant to go against the current. When things aren't going according to plan, stop for a moment, and consider asking yourself one thing - What am I resisting? 

One very important thing I have learned from my mentors is that we sometimes need to allow the soul to take us through its journey; because in that journey are the lessons we are meant to overcome in order to get to the dream. If we let ego continue to persist, we will delay the lesson from coming into consciousness and repeat (and repeat) the same mistakes. Forever going in circles.

The current of the soul journey exists for a reason. You might be asked to do things you don't want to do, or to go places you do not want to be in. Or perhaps you just won't be given entry to some place you'd like to really be in, or be denied the promotion you've always wanted to achieve. But in each and situation that presents itself to you, there will lie your lesson. 

What have you been exerting too much effort on? 

What have you been trying so hard for that you cannot seem to get? 

And finally, what are you resisting?

When you've figured out all the answers to these questions, try letting go and see where this journey takes you.