Awakening The Soul: One circle at a time

When my friend Bea and I reconnected in late 2016, we started talking about the art and benefits of meditation. So much so that when the political situation in the Philippines started to get really upsetting, we thought, why not just gather people and meditate instead of adding to the negative energy online? I figured it was time to get off the internet and gather anyone who would resonate with the call. So Bea asked me if I could formally lead one - and that's how the very first Rejuvenation Circle came to be. 

A Rejuvenation Circle is meant to gather soul siblings who wish to take time for themselves to re-calibrate, re-align, and shift their personal energy through meditation and soulful conversation. It's meant to help us learn from one another and immerse in the messages of the soul. To rejuvenate is to bring new energy and zest to something, and I feel very strongly that in a world where everything has become so fast-paced and where we have honored the ego and it's material demands, we have forgotten to really get in touch with our soul - our essence. 

Here we are post-session, rejuvenated and aligned (Feb 4, 2017)

Here we are post-session, rejuvenated and aligned (Feb 4, 2017)

The very first Rejuvenation Circle took place on February 4th at the Multi-purpose Hall of the Capitol Hills Golf Subdivision. It was a morning of co-creation as each person learned to re-connect with their highest vibration and share this with the group. We looked into our soul messages and learned more about soul essence and how to honor this from one another. 

We're definitely doing this again, so I hope to see you at the next one. :) 

Love and light,