Shining Their Light: Bam Santiago on being a life coach and his latest project - "LifeKite"


Bam Santiago describes himself as "someone who loves helping people in the area of personal growth, healing and restoration of relationships", and I believe him. When I met Bam - thanks to the Good Vibes Only Movement community on Facebook - we immediately hit it off. It turns out that we had both joined the OCCI coaching workshops long ago and had that as our common interest. I began following Bam's career and his live coaching videos on Facebook, where he really took the time to answer life's problems and thought to myself, "wow!" I just knew that it was time to sit him down and talk about his mission as a lightworker. Below is our conversation:

How long have you been in the business?

I’ve been doing this type of work professionally since 2012. I was exposed to my first leadership training when I was 17 and took my first formal foundational leadership development class in 2006.

What inspired you to become a coach? Was there a specific event that pushed you in this direction? Can you tell me a little more about it?

My aunt was always inviting me to facilitate things for her.  In 2010, when she invited me to meet friends from Thailand, one of them looked at me and said, you’re going to be a great leader and I felt his sincerity. He posed a challenge on me to do something different with my life. Something that would impact a lot more people. And I guess you could say I felt a spark light up in me that day.  I was working as an English tutor during this time, not really having any high hopes or dreams for my future.

It was also during this time that I became part of a group called a Mastermind. It was pretty good stuff since we talked about personal growth, money, healing, reaching and helping people.  Part of our mastermind sessions was writing down our 10 year vision and speaking about it as if it was already happening in the present moment! It was powerful stuff. Others would speak to me as if they could already see me in possession of that vision. These sessions really helped me create a vision statement that would change the next few years of my life. It was all about helping people who were in the “dark” to come to the “light” It’s always been a spiritual thing for me. I’ve always been attracted to the unseen workings of Life, which I call God and Spirit.

From what I understand about you, you went through several different coaching seminars before deciding to put up your own. What were the different types of coaching techniques that you had to learn before getting to where you are today?

Since I was 17, I always got myself involved in a lot of leadership development trainings at church. I always felt happy learning during times we had speakers talking about different topics in life.  My formal training started in 2001 when I would attend a lot of talks by Chinkee Tan and Francis Kong.

In 2006 I was enrolled to attend the Foundations of Leaderhip Excellence under OCCI, I then took their Advance leadership course and their 72 day coaching program called LEAP. I went on to staff some of their programs after I had graduated.

It wasn’t until 2012 that I officially underwent training as a facilitator under I am Plus Training. I’ve taken a few facilitators training programs, learning presentation skills etc. in 2012 too. In that same year I took another course called Ikepono created by Bruce Conching from Hawaii. This excited me to continue pursuing my new found passion to help people. I then signed up to do some online classes on life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming. All in the hopes that it would better equip me in helping people.

Since then I’ve facilitated level 1 and level 2(advance) personal mastery programs with I am Plus both in the Philippines and in Singapore. I’ve also used all the Knowledge and skills I learned  to help coach people in Australia and the US.

I have also grown in the area of finance. In 2013, I became a licensed financial advisor. I took a 40 day Money blue print class. The following year I took an exam at the SEC and became a certified investment solicitor. Today I am an Associate Financial planner under the Registered financial planners of the Philippines. 

Wow! That's a lot of training. I understand that you've finally put up your own company. What is it called? And what is its focus?

In July of 2017 I created a company called Lifekite. We focus on sharing ideas on communication that leads to people willingly wanting to give to each other from the heart. We use a technology developed by Marshall Rosenberg and infuse it with other methodologies we feel are effective in helping people.

How interesting! What kinds of people do you see? Is there a typical type of problem that they face when they come to see you? And what are the kinds of issues that coaching can best address?

We have people from all walks of life attend our trainings. I would say a typical problem that majority of people who attend our trainings face is lack of self-love, and battling negative programming growing up.

What can coaching do to heal the issues of the psyche? And how?

 I love coaching because of the approach. Since the foundation of coaching is really about connecting to another human being and asking questions to help them get to their desired state, I think this brings a lot of clarity to the person being coached. Especially around blind spots. Thins they don’t see but we as coaches can see based on observation.

How many sessions would you need to be able to address these issues?

This would be a case to case basis for sure. Sometimes people have breakthroughs with one session for others it may take a few more to help them through the process.

What are some drastic cases that you have faced wherein you’ve seen the healing gift of coaching on your clients? 

That would probably have to be the restoration of relationships during our seminars. You can actually see a physical change in the person going through the experience. You see it in their face. Their eyes. Their countenance. It’s quite amazing. One persons process tends to affect the whole room. You could say it’s the bond that ties us all together as human beings. Our Universal need for love and connection.

I know that you run seminars as well, can you tell me more about this? What are they about? 

Our Level 1 program called Unbounded is just an introduction to personal awareness.  Understanding Where people get their life programming and how they can make a different responsible choice to alter results they are unhappy about or maybe feel could improve.

We also have our regular Lifekite club meetings. This is just a group of people getting together and sharing about life. The joys and challenges without fear of being labeled good or bad, right or wrong based on other peoples standards or values

What are their objectives? 

To Make people feel sincerely good about their lives, what’s great and what’s not so great.  That just the fact that theyre here, alive, present, is enough. Also To give a joyful meaning to existence so that they affect others too 

And what kinds of people do they attract? 

Anyone hungry for growth and has a heart to help other people.

How can we join a seminar? – how can you be reached?

1. Please like our Facebook page Lifekite. We constantly update our schedules there.

2. You can join us at our LifeKite club meetings. We meet every second Saturday of the month at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig.  You can send us messages directly on our page or People can send us an email directly at or you can text us at 0917-8863419. Just send us your name, mobile number and email address and we’ll find a way to connect with you

What are your rates?

For now Unbounded has a low introductory early bird price of only P3,500.00 per head(regular is P5,197.00). By September our early bird rate will go up to P5,197.00 and our regular rates for the two days will be P7,197.00

Our annual membership rates for Lifekite is P5,000.00 this gives you access to the club meetings and other special trainings we do.

If someone wants to book a coaching session with you, where can they find you? What are your rates?

They can contact me directly at I’d be happy to discuss rates depending on peoples specific needs.