Your Thoughts and Your Health


How many of us have said “I’m about to get sick”, and eventually came down with something? Has it ever happened that just before the flu / cough / virus / cold sets in your body begins to really feel terrible and your constant messaging is “I’m sick” / “Poor me”? Yea, we’ve all been there. 

I personally love talking about the power of thought and its effect on our health because as I have discovered, we really do have the power to heal ourselves and to encourage our immune systems. Brain plasticity or neuroplasticity is a term used to describe the brain’s ability to create lasting changes from its physical properties down to the individual neurons. Studies have shown that repetitive exercises such as mindfulness can help rewire our brains and enhance our well-being, improving brain activity in the prefrontal and somatosensory cortices. 

Water as a “blueprint for our reality”

Before we get too technical the best way to understand thought and composition is explained in a study by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. His basic premise is that water is a “blueprint for our reality”, wherein his research showed how the aesthetic properties of frozen water molecules could change when matched with various words, pictures, and even music.

Emoto discovered that when water samples were labeled negatively with phrases like you disgust me, the water looked murky, almost sick (see above image). However, when labeled with positive statements like “love”, “peace”, and “thank you”, the water crystals would form very intricate and aesthetically pleasing shapes. They seemed to have more definition and were intact. 

(Image: Love and Gratitude)

The human body is 75% water

The human body as we know is composed of 75% water. Following Emoto’s thoughts on changing the physical structure of water through positive and negative labels, imagine what our body’s molecular structures look like based on the labels we use the most. If labeling a bottle of water can already change the molecular structure of its contents, then what more the water that we contain in us? Studies have shown that the way we talk to our bodies can have an effect on our cellular evolution. 

Immune system registers from previous experience

The way that works is because when we experience something and give it meaning, this is stored in our long-term memory. Our brains store it under “experience”, attach a feeling to it, and a basic underlying belief. So when you need to recall and use this information, your belief system can govern the way you will treat a similar experience in the future. Belief systems in essence come from our previous experiences and become our internal programs. 

Belief systems are so strong that studies in positive psychology have shown that when beliefs and experiences of chronic adversity are present, this can lead to increase in pro-inflammatory genes and a decrease in antibody synthesis genes. Our genes therefore are attuned to our emotions. As we label our experiences, label our beliefs, and label our feelings, our bodies respond on the cellular level. 

If our experience of the world is a constant orientation towards fight mode, our belief will most likely be “the world is a dangerous place” and “I am not safe”; thus triggering our inflammatory genes, decreasing our antibody synthesis genes, and making us susceptible to disease and deterioration. Therefore it is important that we take notice of our thoughts, our beliefs, and the way we process our experiences if we wish to achieve a higher level of wellness.


Sending you all so much love and healing,