Your Focus on Lack is Making You Poorer

Let’s put it this way, imagine giving someone a pair of shoes because they didn’t have any. You, happily giving them a fresh pair that you took out from your savings, hand over the present in a beautifully wrapped box. The person excitedly tears the wrapper open and sees brand new shoes. You, as the giver, are filled with so much joy to see them finally receive a pair of shoes - something they have never had in their lives. You’re just filled to the brim with happiness and excitement to see them finally use your present. 

As the recipient of your gift holds each shoe in their hands, they admire them and very slowly fit each one. They walk around the room and notice the difference. You part ways and you let the feeling of happiness fill you. Two weeks later you pay your friend a visit and see them barefoot. He tells you that he didn’t like the shoes and that he wanted shoes that could light up, sing songs, and make him happy. And because these shoes could not do all that, he just decided to stash them somewhere until the dream shoes would come along. 

Now imagine you were the universe and you gave and gave and gave but the people who received your gifts kept complaining. Wouldn’t that be so annoying? If they don’t like what you’re giving, then no matter what you give they will be disappointed. So why continue giving?

When we come from a place of lack - a place that makes us feel like we don’t have ENOUGH, we are telling the universe to just stop giving. The universe happily and readily gives to us when we learn to be grateful for what we have. When it sees that you are happy with one pair of shoes and you’re making the most out of that pair, it will happily give you two more to maximize their potential. 

What are some things you find yourself yearning for more? And how could you shift yourself into looking at the abundance around you?