Tried and Tested Remedies That Help Relieve Anxiety

If you know me well enough then you know that I carry a bunch of remedies in my bag - ready to share them with anybody who might need it. For the last two years, my little pouch of remedies and the random things it contains have become quite popular to the point that I’ve been asked to hand over anything that might be able to help a headache, a tummy ache, an on coming flu, a heart ache, office stress, or even anxiety. 

I am crazy about all of these things so it makes me so glad when people ask me to recommend something that will help them. In as much as I would love to talk about everything in my bag, I decided that I would keep this entry quite simple and give you three (3) of my faves that have been tried and tested to help relieve anxiety and bring me to an ultimate state of CALM. 

The Tropical Shop’s Natural Lavender Essential Oil


The tropical shop’s natural lavender essential oil is the newest one on the block but I can swear by the power of lavender that this has knocked me out just when I needed it the most. Lavender is a natural relaxant, and it is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helping reduce symptoms of depression. If you’re looking for something to just instantly calm you, then this is it. Check out their lavender oil and other products (must have - calamansi oil and their soaps!) on their facebook page.

Emotions by Creations Oils Benefits


This is an oldie but goodie. It’s original name was stress and emotions, and I remember buying it because it said that it would help raise my energy frequency to attract more love into my space. WOOHOO! Little did I know that this miracle oil would bring me so much more than just vibrating love all around me. Let’s just say that when I thought I needed a pill to help me deal with my anxiety, I no longer needed it when this came into my life. 

The emotions oil uses a unique combination of cinnamon, frankincense, and lavender oils, to name a few. Aside from its calming effects, the emotions oil may be beneficial for high blood pressure, balancing hormones, and boosting your immune system. What makes it special? A whole lot of crazy energy downloads that go into each bottle. 

Check out Creations Oils Benefits on Facebook.

Rescue Remedy by Bach Original Flower Essences


I first encountered the Bach flower essences in 2009 when I was encouraged to treat a physical condition with natural remedies instead. If your mom is anything like my mom then you have probably been told that pills can damage your liver and becoming dependent on medication is bad for you. Yup, that’s exactly what she said - and so as any daughter would do, who didn’t know any better, I went ahead and allowed the Bach remedies into my life. 

Every other week for about 6 months I had special Bach concoctions put together to address my condition. I was so intrigued because I could literally feel its effects. Then I discovered this - the Bach Rescue Remedy - a concoction of flower essences meant to help relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression (hence its name). All you need are 4 drops under the tongue and I swear it will whip you back into shape. 

Is it a good alternative to SSRIs? Probably not entirely, but it can definitely help you maintain your state when you are taken off your medication. 

Rescue Remedy can be purchased at any Healthy Options store in the country. It can also be found traveling across Europe if you already happen to be there, you may find this in the local pharmacy.


So there you have it! Three of my favorite remedies that have helped me get over the anxiety hump more than once. And when used together? You can only imagine how good it all actually feels. 

If you are currently dealing with anxiety or find yourself spiraling, then I recommend that you get your hands on these ASAP. 

Sending you all so much love and light,