Start Manifesting for 2017

I was supposed to meet Corie Chu in Hong Kong on my last visit but our schedules just wouldn’t match so we kept in touch through social media where we have learned more and more about each other’s crafts. Corie represents the side of me that uses energy modalities in healing. Her knowledge in energy healing is so extensive that I felt she would make the perfect guest blog. In this entry she shares with us her own soul journey and encourages us to take the appropriate steps in manifesting a brand new beginning. 


Words by Corie Chu, September 2016


Writing for the blog

When I was asked to write for HealingMindsPH, I felt so flattered and excited, then when I calmed down and reality hit me I thought, “Uh-oh, there’s one more thing to add to my To-Do List.” You see, like many, I am incredibly passionate about the mind body spirit world. I believe in it, I am in it, I am it. And like the founder of this blog, I want to spread the teachings to the world so that more people can benefit from being connected with the Divine, to learn that we’re not alone and that we’re in this life to learn many lessons (and often the lessons we didn’t learn in our past lives) and we’re now here with a purpose that only we, as individuals can serve it. That said, I knew I wanted to write for HealingMindsPH so regardless of how many things I (and all you busy beings) have to do each day, I knew enough passion could make anything a priority.

The problem was when? Between projects? Between meeting clients? While traveling? What I DID know is that I would want to send in this piece before the end of the year, ideally, before the end of September, and funny enough, I’m writing this on the last day of September. Why the time restraint? Because this is the general year of the 9 (2016, to calculate, add each number individually, 2+0+1+6 = 9) and the year of the 9 represents completion and rebirth. In numerology, we base our system in a 9-year cycle, which means we’re already at the end of another general life cycle. I say GENERAL year because this is for everyone, but we all also have our own personal year cycles, which we cross-reference with the general year cycle to give us more insight on what we individually should learn in each year. But we won’t get too deep into it as it can get quite lengthy and complicated.

 Doing the soul work

My spiritual journey began in 2008 (Year of the 1 as we say in numerology, take 2+0++0+8=10 then reduce 10 into a single digit number, 1+0=1). I didn’t know much about numerology then, but I always felt connected to it, that I already KNEW it.  Anyway, in the year of 1 we say it’s the year of NEW BEGINNINGS, which is what next year, 2017 will be too. I didn’t plan to be spiritually awakened in 2008, not that any of us can really “plan” for it, but the Universe sure did. And what a blessing it has been. 

Discovering the Divine

Once I had a taste and my soul consciously connected to the Divine, I was hooked. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about holistic and spiritual wellness – energy healing, crystals, Angel Readings, i-Ching, Qi-Gong, astrology, feng shui, numerology, aromatherapy, you name it! I was in a high and in a rush to learn as much as I could because I knew we are on this Earth for a limited amount of time. But over the years, I learned, that there’s no point in rushing, that it’s impossible to learn everything and that there’s this thing called GUIDES that direct us to what we’re supposed to learn in Divine timing. 

There’s no competition with yourself, with time or with others. This isn’t grade school where we’re competing to “ace” energy healing. We’re all gifted in special ways and the point is to share the gifts with each other and help each other while we’re all in Earth school. It’s genuinely the most loving, competition-free school that we enrolled into once we accepted this life. It’s all the negativity, drama, greed, jealousy that has made it much more difficult for us to see how pure life can be. Though there are times when our Guides have directed us to multiple things, which can seem overwhelming, but there’s always a lesson behind everything right? Now going back to the “To-Do List” I mentioned earlier, I have a few commitments, some professional commitments that I knowingly and unknowingly took on to satisfy my ego, some new projects to satisfy my sense of discovery, a personal life-long commitment (marriage) to my life partner, and a number of courses/studies in different modalities that my guides have directed me towards over the years and that I’d like to complete this year. Why? Again, because we’re in the year of the 9.

  Fulfilling our dreams

September 2016 was the ultimate time for completion (which also means death) and rebirth. Month of the “9” in the year of the “9”. And you might notice that bigger incidents took place on the day of the “9” this month too (September 9, 18, 27, 2016). Over this recent month of September, I’ve had friends who have been in long fulfilling relationships suddenly break up, I know people who have quit their jobs or have gotten fired, and people who have passed, and of course there is the horrific 9/11. I’m not saying that such unfortunate events don’t happen on other months, but it’s also no coincidence that more things naturally come to completion or rebirth this time of the year. And some people may have known it was a long time coming, but they felt the need hold onto and finally end (or give up) certain commitments in September. And I promise, I didn’t do a numerology reading or guided anyone I just mentioned to make these big shifts. The Universe intended for things to happen the way they did. And if you missed “completing” things in September, don’t worry, you still have until the end of the year to finish up. The reason why you’d want to complete any outstanding tasks is because you’ll be holding onto that energy into the new year if you don’t, into 2017, the beginning of a new 9 year life cycle.

Manifest your dreams

So I invite you to reflect on where your life stands right now and what you want to carry with you into the new 9-year life cycle, which begins on January 1, 2017. What are the intentions that you want to manifest in 2017? What no longer serves you? What do need to go, even if begrudgingly, to get to the next, new exciting level? This October is a preview of 2017, so I encourage you to reflect on your present and consciously break ties, complete anything that you feel done with and start vision boarding your goals for 2017 and the next 9 years of your life!

To those who are reading in Hong Kong or will be traveling to Hong Kong, I am creating a new conscious, holistic and spiritually based festival in February 2017 called “Manifest Together”. This is a space where we’ll be setting our intentions and working with the Laws of Attraction, together! I will also be launching a curated holistic and spiritual platform, which will involve multiple events and retreats across Asia with various practitioners that I’m very excited to share with you in early 2017.

To learn more about me, upcoming events or if you’re interested in booking a numerology reading/energy healing session please feel free to contact me at: or Facebook: Healing Haven HK.

Clear the old, set new intentions for 2017 and manifest away!  Sending you beautiful readers abundant light and love.  

About Corie:

Corie is a dance meditation facilitator and creator of “Soul Dance”, a licensed Reiki 2 practitioner, Certified Numerologist, Akashic Records Consultant, Certified Angel Card Reader™ and a Certified Personal Development Coach. She is from Los Angeles and currently based in Hong Kong.