Resonating Through Words

It has been proven that sonic vibrations can help rehabilitate soft-tissue injuries through sonograms. Studies have also shown that the vibrational sound of music can also have similar healing effects. Depending on the frequency of the sound, research shows that certain brain regions are activated, helping stimulate cell regeneration, growth hormones, endorphins, and the like. In fact, animal research has also shown that vibrations between 20 and 140 Hz have helped speed up bone growth, muscles and ligament recovery, as well as the reduction of pain and swelling (Acosta, 2013).

The research is fascinating, and it has shown me how the power of using sound to vibrate love and kindness to other people are just as effective. “When you verbalize [who you are / your intentions]”, Dr. Joe Dispenza writes, “you [will] liberate the energy stored in your body”. If you remember, reality is first created in the mind; wherein our thoughts hold the purest vibration. But that reality changes when we allow our intentions to vibrate outside of us. So why is this so important?

Speaking Up

If there is anything I have learned through this soul journey, it is that the ability to speak up can heal us, possibly more effective than any drug. As research has shown, sound waves vibrate into a space helping alter its molecular composition. Therefore speaking things into our existence may help alter our own energy compositions as well as the people around us.

Voice Messages

In a world of instant messaging, many have failed to deliver what it is they would like to really say due to misinterpretation. How many times have you heard the sad tale of two people arguing through SMS? Yep, there’s nothing like an instant argument than words that are read wrong - and there’s nothing more powerful than hearing certain things spoken. 

This soul journey has not only encouraged me to find my truth and speak it, but it has encouraged me to help shift my own conversations with people by making use of my own voice and it’s resonance when I speak from my heart to the hearts of other people. For the last three weeks I have taken delight in using the smart phone technology of voice messaging in order to let my friends hear me as I vibrate positive emotions into their space. I figured it was so much easier to get my ideas across when I spoke it than when I simply wrote it down. While I enjoy writing (as it is obvious on this blog), I have found that there is power in leaving notes using our voices. 

Why not just call?

While calling might be a good option, it has been my experience that voice messages offer the recipient the choice and ability to play and replay your message as often as they would like - helping them shift their energy each time. Voice messages linger and the frequency they carry can help heal hearts long after they have been delivered. 

Speak your truth

This exercise of leaving voice clips with the people I love and care about has healed me in ways I could not imagine. But as more research has shown, speaking up can help reduce depression, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegeneration; taking what it means to speak up into a whole new level of self-compassion. 

Remember that when we are urged to say something, regardless of how embarrassing it might feel to convey, we speak up anyway in order to liberate our hearts. We speak our truth because to us it is important, and we speak it because regardless of the outcome, we must respond to the pull of our souls. So whether we decide to make our voices heard through social media or through a simple voice clip that will help us spontaneously express what is in our hearts, we will speak our truths because we give ourselves importance. 


Is there something you want to say to somebody? I dare you to record your voice and start practicing what it is you need to say I promise you will not regret it. 

Hoping these words have resonated with you,