Learning to Trust the Process

Just this afternoon I received a message from a friend who asked me how she could manifest goals and dreams much faster. She wanted them to appear immediately, thinking perhaps that healing was going to bring her an instant miracle. In as much as we would like our miracles to come to us right away, part of learning what it means to manifest is learning to trust the process. 

Matching energy

When I first started to learn that I had the power to create my reality, I was manifesting so incredibly fast that things were coming into my space before I was even ready for it. I just never doubted that they would happen, I was absolutely certain that this was the life I wanted to live and that by the power of the universe, it would be mine. This became my first lesson in manifestation: 100% faith in the outcome.

My second lesson was this: when we manifest and match the energy of the universe, it will come to us whether or not we are ready. This just means that when you manifest something into your space, you need to be certain that it is exactly what you want. Because the universe can work fast. However, in as fast as it sometimes can be, the third lesson I learned was that with the universe, there is no concept of time. Therefore, while some dreams come to us in a split second, others may need more time to brew. And it is when there is delay that we are urged even more to trust the process. 

Trusting the process

What does it even mean to be engaged in the process anyway? 

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi uses the concept of flow to explain a highly focused mental state. He says that when we are engaged in an activity that matches our level of expertise and provides ample challenge, we are engaged in the process, and thus able to flow through our work. While the concept of flow is introduced in daily work and sports, the idea is the same if we are to engage fully in our daily LIVES. 

In energy healing we are encouraged to go with the flow - to just let things be - and see where that will lead us. In the same manner, I have learned that when we are in flow, busy being engaged in the present moment, we allow ourselves to gain better skills and to do the work in order to achieve the dream. When clients tell me how impatient they have become, I like to tell them to shut up, look down, and do the work, because all life is ever asking of you is to be present constantly and to flow with it. 

Trusting the process therefore, means that you can put in the work and trust that while you do the universe is working to bring you your dreams (or something better - always something better).

Focus on your what, let the universe figure out HOW

In a book by Rebecca Campbell, she says that the only duty we have towards our dreams is knowing what it is we want to achieve; the rest is up to the universe. When we allow the universe to figure out how, we allow it to surprise us with bigger and better ideas than we ever imagined. This is where 100% faith comes back in to focus. 

Let go of the ego

100% faith. 

100% faith means knowing what is good for your soul. It means knowing how much you deserve your miracle, and it is also knowing when to let go of the ego. 

I learned that when we manifest our dreams and lift it up to the universe / source / creator / God, there is no room for ego. It is the ego that will let you sink into doubt, fear, and guilt. It is the ego that will drag you into a comfort zone and tell you that you’re better off settling for what is in front you. And in as much as the ego has its role in defending reality, it is important to know that when our souls have declared their mission and desire, there is no space for the ego to exist, because simply put the soul has already seen the outcome, and the outcome is always good. 

So for what it’s worth, if you have a dream, remember the following:

1) Know exactly what you want

2) Visualize it

3) Lift it up to God / creator / source / universe and say, “this or something better”

4) Keep your head down and stay present

5) Trust the process

6) And if ego shows itself, do not bother to argue with it for you have already seen the outcome. 


Sending you all so much love and healing on your journeys,