Increasing Positive Emotions through Meditation

Studies have shown that calm and serene feelings contribute to better health states. In fact, when positive emotions are stretched, research has revealed that resilience increases, vagal tone is improved, and heart rate variability is significantly better. Psychologists have also studied the effect of loving kindness meditation on health states, and have found that this practice can make a significant change in not just the health of an individual but in the very way their mind gravitates towards positive situations. 

Metta Meditation

The word Metta is best understood as non-violence and goodwill. Metta Meditation or Loving Kindness Meditation is designed to develop compassion, love, and kindness for ourselves and for those around us. It begins by focusing on the breath and picturing someone or something that makes us very happy or calm. With this image we repeat loving phrases towards it which we extend to ourselves and to the community around us. 

Listen to a guided metta meditation tape HERE

Body Scan

If you aren’t used to the practice of meditation or find your mind wandering too often, then I invite you to begin with a body scan. 

THIS TAPE will help guide you through it as you learn how to bring more awareness to your body and breath. It’s always good to release any anxieties we may have and to become aware of your own tension areas. By relaxing the mind, you can help broaden and build positive emotions. 

Guided Imagery

Finally, tapes like this one are perfect for guided imagery and deep relaxation during the day. This tape in particular is something I have used on employees during their lunch break. It brings you to a very deep relaxed state and then boosts your energy back to return you to your day. 

Whichever method you choose to help you increase your positive emotions, I can assure you that you will see a significant change in your day to day dealings. Training your mind to relax and to seek the positive around you will not only broaden your mind, it will also build the resources that you need to survive positively. 


Wishing you lots of luck!