Why It’s So Important to Stretch


1. It reduces stress

When we are stressed, our muscles naturally contract affecting the rest of our body. When we feel tense in one area, everything else follows because the flow of blood is rather poor. Gentle stretching can help you relax tense muscles and boost your endorphins, improving your mood by a mile!

2. Stretching alleviates lower back pain

Have you paid attention to your posture lately? Lower back pain is sometimes caused by our posture and can even lead to neck pain. Many people struggle with this; but with proper stretching, you can improve your posture and prevent injury from happening.

3. Increases your range of motion

Stretching teaches us how to slow down and pay attention to our breathing. By doing this we learn how to reach farther and become flexible, widening our range of motion. In fact, while stretching adds to our flexibility, it also improves our balance and coordination. See how far you can reach today and stretch!

4. Improves your circulation

Stretching actually helps increase blood flow because it helps open your air supply bringing nutrients to the muscles and cartilage.

5. Improves your blood pressure.

As mentioned, stretching helps open our arteries and brings nutrients to our muscles. When our blood is flowing properly, our artery function improves and this lowers our blood pressure.

Are you ready to feel the stretch? Get into a simple stretching routine and get your blood flowing. Your body will thank you later. ;)