Polyculturalism is defined as the belief that cultures change constantly and the exchange of ideas can be used to build and constantly influence each other instead of remaining static. Polyculturalism, according to Professor Chiu is meant to improve relationships. 

Last weekend I attended the Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference where keynote speaker, Professor Chiu focused on innovation and knowledge diffusion. What I liked most about his topic was the idea of INTEGRATION by leveraging on multi cultural aspects. Basically he says that when we are given a chance to live away from our comfort zones, we waste opportunity by sticking to the same people. We grow when we are able to accommodate the ideas of others and see both our differences and similarities. 

In the last few months I have admittedly felt a little stifled as I felt a greater need to look outside of the Philippines for a better exchange of ideas. Professor Chiu’s lecture could not have come at a better time. Through his lecture I learned that the formula to success was simple and all we really need is to keep an open mind. He says:

Each culture develops their own virtues


we need to appreciate each others’ positive qualities 

bring the best qualities together 

produce perfect harmony in society


I feel that when we cultivate and share talents we advance in so many ways. Hong Kong has opened my eyes once again and given me the drive and inspiration to keep on learning, to keep on producing, and to continue carving my own path, for what I find most interesting are the things that my own polyculturalism has revealed to me.