Mastering Energy for Healing

One of the first things you learn about wellness is that we are all energy transformers (Travis, 2004); and the way in which we manage this energy determines our state of health. We, like everything else in the ecosystem, require a good amount of energy to sustain us. And just like everything else, our biggest source of energy is that big bright yellow ball that hangs in the sky - the SUN! 

Without the sun, everything else that we consume cannot nourish us. And without that, our energy meter dips low. In the same manner, lack of energy can put us in terrible moods, succumb us to sickness, and allow us to fall into an altered state of consciousness. That’s why preserving our energy and exposing ourselves to energy sources that can enhance us is necessary to survival. 

As Freud puts it, our subconscious is like a pressure cooker, and what is trapped below tends to seep through. When faced with a problem, our subconscious tries to save us by masking everything so we don’t exhaust too much energy. It does, however, tend to take its toll on the body - affecting chakras (energy points) and our psychoemotional state. 

A “Chakra” is what indian religions refer to as an energy point or node in the subtle body. The subtle body is where energy flows through various channels called nadi. When energy channels experience some form of blockage, one of seven (7) chakras are affected, thus causing disease through the body. And we find that for each chakra that is affected there is a corresponding psychoemotional problem that needs to be addressed. 


Just like a faucet, the energy that flows through us is sourced. There is a large reservoir from where our energy comes from - the people around us, the food that we eat, the environment, the work that we do, and the rest and relaxation that we receive. When everything seems to flow properly and assuming the source of our energy is clean and good, then our output is as vibrant and inspired. We manage what comes in and goes out. 

However, sometimes the source of our energy can be quite toxic (gossip, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc) and can affect the way we behave towards others. Has there ever been a day when you felt so angry, you turned to the next guy and gave him the brightest, bestest smile? I’m pretty sure that never happens (unless of course you’ve detached yourself from being grounded). And just as anger affects our energy, our output thus becomes deficient. 

Why does all this energy matter? Because energy sits within you and energy is what directs the movement of each cell in your body, and most of all it is controlled largely by our choices and our thoughts. 

In my years of study, I have mixed the training that  I have received as a psychologist with energy healing modalities. What this has taught me is the power to channel my own energy in being an active participant of my own healing. Wherein I find that our approach to health remains biomedical, I strongly believe in the model of prevention through a bio-psycho-social approach instead. As Dr. Bernie Siegel puts it, when we live with the HEART, miracles happen. And when we live with the intention to master our own energy and intuition, we can prevent disease and protect mental health.