Healing With The Right People


For all the geeking that I tend to do on this blog, let me take this moment to share a few things with you that can really help you HEAL. I realize that depression is often misunderstood, and where people may believe that someone is “seeking attention”, they may not realize how badly they could also be suffering. Depression is a mood disorder characterized by severe sadness. It is sometimes triggered by negative life events, major stress and /or burnout.

From experience I have come to learn that healing takes place when we surround ourselves with all the RIGHT people. And by right, I don’t mean tolerating comfort zones, family members, or long-time friends just because you think that length of time is what makes appropriate and supportive people. I hate to break it to you, but in periods of serious struggle, you may come to realize that there are some people whom you will not be able to count on. But how can you tell? It’s simple.

1) The right people empathize. They listen and understand your hurt first. They share in the pain and worry. 

2) The right people remind you about who you are. They highlight your STRENGTHS and find ways to help you see them.

3) The right people offer you support. They may not always know what to say, but when the going gets tough they will let you know that you can call them anytime. 

4) The right people don’t force you. They understand that healing doesn’t come over night, neither do problems truly disappear. They will wait with you patiently and will celebrate the days wherein you begin to feel better. 

5) The right people ask you how you’re doing and care to really know what the answer is. 

I know how difficult it can be. And I especially know how long it can really take to start to see changes in your life. But I urge you that if you are going through depression, to call out to your pillars of STRENGTH. You may be surprised that there are people in your community whom you may not have felt as close to in recent years, but who will offer you the support and love that you need to get through. These are the right people. 

If you happen to know someone who is suffering depression, ask yourselves, how have I become the right person for them?