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Hello! I am Gisa, founder of Healing Minds. What started as a passion project to write about topics that were resonating in my life, has today evolved into a space where all kinds of healing can now be presented to those seeking solutions. 

Through Healing Minds, I'd like to open up the conversation to different ways in which we can recover from stress and burnout, and prevent the onset of mental or physical illness. Why? Because with the incidence rate of depression and anxiety in our country plus the stigma that most solutions bring, there remains a large number of people who remain untreated.  

While I may be a licensed psychologist, acudetox specialist, and healer myself, I cannot do it alone. I know that different people seek different ways to heal, and that's why I've started a series called Shining Their Light which talks about the various healing modalities available in our country. You'll be surprised just how many interesting strategies there are and how they can complement classic psychotherapy and the use of psychotropic drugs. On the blog, I provide resources like meditation tapes which I recorded myself, and worksheets that could help you work on your concerns from time to time. Whether you're seeing a professional or are afraid to see one, trying some of these activities could help ground you. 

On the blog I am also joined by contributing writers who may be either very passionate about mental health (Nan), or who may be teachers in their own fields (Jenn and Corie), or those who simply have wisdom to share (Rachel). Each of them have come to Healing Minds with a purpose to shed light on various perspectives. 

If you've come to Healing Minds and have taken the time to read this page, know that there are many ways to heal. The first step always begins with searching for a solution.  

This solution is my gift to you.


Gisa completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology and now practices as a licensed therapist. She is also a certified ThetaHealer®, and Acudetox Specialist. Having worked in the Philippine wellness industry for the last 8 years, Gisa has had experience training groups, running workshops, and designing corporate wellness programs to enhance employee productivity. Her main interest is in health psychology, wherein she believes in helping people achieve a higher level of wellness by accessing the power of the mind.